Apr 3, 2017

The Beauty Blender Matter

Some months ago, if you followed beauty tutorial videos or make up review videos on youtube, or beauty blogs and so on, you would hear about the wonders of the Beauty Blender. This beauty blender is basically a makeup sponge people use to put on different products on, such as foundation, BB creams, CC creams, primer and even applying and difusing correctors. Many of these products are often applied directly with fingers, brushes, makeup sponges such as those well known little triangles, or those sets that come in the shape of flowers from which you pluck out a petal and use until it crumbles away or looks too disgusting to be used again. These triangles are also called "sponge wedges".

Source: http://www.tattooedtealady.com/
Though a true makeup artist, or a person used to put on makeup everyday can apply makeup to themselves and achieve that flawless porcelain doll complexion the rest of us can only dream of and bitterly envy, most of us often struggle with some of the products. I am one, for instance, that hardly EVER put on make up. And when I do, my usual makeup look doing my eyebrows with my KIKO Milano eyebrow kit, some eyeliner, and maybe a lipgloss. If I feel very generous, I do some eyeshadowing (currently LOVING Oriflame's eyeshadow pencils) and that will be that. So, when someone with less skills or less practice decides or needs to put on some makeup (say, you got into a fight on Black Friday for the perfect shoes and ended up with a black eye... and the shoes, or you went partying all night and your face hasn't woken up yet), things like brushes and sponge wedges can make the plaster foundation or BB Cream you put on look like... well, plaster. Basically, with these tools a less skilled person will end up with brush stroke marks all over their face. The makeup will look fake instead of achieving it's intended purpose of making you look your best.

The makeup industry constantly strives to offer products that make donning makeup a much easier, better experience. One such product is the beauty blender, which is basically an improved makeup sponge. It differs from other sponges in its form, but also in the sponge material itself. Beauty blenders tend to be more dense - in my experience - and are used slightly differently. When you buy the beauty blender, it's this really small little drop shaped sponge, much the size of a wedge. This you have to wet and squeeze several times until it gets bigger. With a wet and squeezed beauty blender you can apply your beauty products by gently tapping on your skin. This movement allows you to apply the products quite evently and without leaving marks, and helping you get that complexion you are looking for.

Stormberry's property
A while ago I decided to get more skilled with makeup, and decided to start trying on BB Creams and CC creams, emboldened by some videos I watched. I first applied them with sponge wedges or my fingers, and then got a beauty blender from KIKO Milano in one of my trips to Vienna. This sponge doesn't have the original beauty blender's shape, but it is a wonder to work with! No, I don't put on make up daily now, but when I do, I always used my little spongey :-). I believe I have this sponge since December 2015 and have been using it quite a couple of times. I never leave it with product residues on, since I use it so seldom, so I normally use it and clean it with handsoap. And it has lasted me wonderfully, I must say.

Stormberry's property
This year, on my trip to Vienna, I found at the DM stores a lovely turquoise beauty blender with drop shape, marketed under the EBELIN brand. Yay!! DM is a rather good store, and I have bought a gozillian things from them, so I packed in one of these beautiful beauty blenders. Did I needed it? Not really, but it was cheap (I think it was around €5,00) and it was turquoise! I've got to use it the first time when I was back at home. From the first time I used it, as I was cleaning it (the same way I have dozens of times cleaned my KIKO Milano beauty blender) the material close to the tip started to rip. If I were a more intensive user of these sponges this one would have crumbled apart AGES ago! Clearly, I'm quite disappointed about this. :-(
I'm happy with my KIKO Milano beauty blender, truth to be told, but I did wanted the experience of using a drop shaped on, like the original, since these do accomodated better in the hand, unlike KIKO Milano's hourglass shaped one. I had seen some beauty blenders - original ones - at Sephora, in Wroclaw, when a friend of mine and I were there, and also have seen them in Paris. I did notice that the original beauty blenders sold in Wroclaw look different than the ones in Paris, as those have a sort of band around... you know, like smoothed sponge. The ones in Paris don't have it. The time in Wroclaw I refrained from buying the beauty blender because of the weird band it had, and the time in Paris I didn't buy it because it would have set me €19 back, and with the amount of makeup I do, that's not an investment, but a crazy expense.

Stormberry's property

I might end up getting one now, though - the next time I'm in Paris, I guess - just to compare the qualities - but one thing I can tell you all for sure is that you will never, ever again catch me buying a DM beauty blender... and I will be wary about EBELIN branded products.

Apr 2, 2017

Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell

Source: google.com
It has been over 13 years since the last time I was pretty much consumed by Japan animation or animé and manga art. That year (around 2004) was the end of almost seven years of being immersed in the otaku culture. During that time I watched pretty much every single series and OVA I zcould get my hands on. One of those OVAS was Ghost in the Shell, a futuristic, dystopian story based on cyborgs and political moves.

Many of the movies I watched in those days had an impact on me, due to the quality of their art, but also the dark line of their stories. Akira, Perfect Blue and Ghost in the Shell are a few among them, though of these three, Ghost in the Shell struck me the most of the quality of the art.

Source: google.com
When the movie theatres started promoting Ghost in the Shell in live action format, I knew I had to go and see it. No, normally I don't like live action movies, and I have seen a few. Aeon Flux with Charlize Theron wasn't appealing to me, for instance, but an amateur attempt at Dragon Ball Z Mirai Trunks, or alternate universe future was so breath taking, that I decided to give it a shot.

I must say that the movie disappointed me. From the very selection of the intro music, and all the re-naming of Mokoto Kusanagi and then giving her all that past... (was that somewhere and I missed it or forgot about it?) Why make a perfectly good story into some emotional, hollywoodian motion picture? Ms. Johansson didn't look like a cyborg, but rather looked like a butch female, and Major's (Major? Really? Did something happened in the series I didn't watch that escaped from the OVA I saw?) sensualization and attempt to catch the essence of humanity was quite a slap for those of us who paid for the movie ticket in hopes to revive one of our old favorites.

Source: http://thescreen.hu/ ghost-shell-osszehasonlitas-az-alapkent-szolgalo-animevel/
The whole movie was like watching some AU fanfic, produced by Americans and Chinese, based on a beloved, Culture-movie of otakus of old, which lifted the idea of the movie, some characters, some costume designed and then copied here and there some scenes. Even in the scenes lifted from the original OVA, the movie felt fake. I felt cheated, truth to be told.

From what I gather from other websites and blogs about the movie, the sentiment is quite generalized. It was a big gamble, I would say, and it didn't paid up well. Then again, I guess that in today's world knowing isn't really all that important when enterprises embark into an investment. Knowing your market is really inconsecuential, when one thinks that one knows things better than all the others. Well, enterprises and enterpreneurs would do well remembring that they ought to know their market if they want to reach into their pockets.

Feb 13, 2017

No Complications

I have exciting news people! I have not changed a thing. ^_^ Yes, I was totally teasing you there, but you are smarter than that, and if you are one of the few people following this dwindling blog, you know that the exciting news is just that I deigned to come around and share a piece of my mind. Because that's usually exciting. And with the cryptic title, well, what can you expect? Because when you write "No Worries", it means that there are worries in the text. And when you write "No Heartbreak", you pull out the box of tissues, because it's sure to make you cry. So, by the same logic, "No Complications" shall mean, that complications lie ahead, right? The thing here is that I want to break free precisely from complications. Those gray, odd "complications".

These are things I normally write in painful detail in my personal journal (which will never see the light of day, thank you), but this topic - I believe - is one that might pertain to many other people, so I decided to quickly (really quickly) share a little thought about it.

"It's complicated" is actually a relationship status in Facebook. That doesn't mean anything by itself, of course, except that it is often used to cover a situation where a person isn't single, but isn't with someone either. It covers a multitude of situations, like when the relationship is, for whatever reason illicit (an extramarital affair or a relationship with a person from a given group that is perceived as not moral, decent or allowed), but also when the people in the relationship - or a part of them - isn't willing to let the relationship consolidate in one way or the other. I'm quite good at these and I like this twilight zone-like relationship because of the freedom they give you - though normally my prefered kind of relationships have a name far more defining than "it's complicated". Yes, I'm a big fan of fuckbuddies and one-night-stands. As you can guess from it, I'm the "no strings attached, no commitments, no complications" kind of person. Just have fun, enjoy the moment and then go back to the usually scheduled program. However, even is such a free, easy, clean cut situation, and preference, sometimes things can get messed up, when one of the parties seems to want to bend the rules, or goes playing by another set of rules.

You know the case, right? The one that is namely in a commited relationship but behaves like they are still single and can do as they please. The one where one set of rules apply to one party, and another to the other party or parties. The case when one says that sure, you are friends, but then acts like you owe them something. Does it ring a bell? Hopefully it doesn't. Well, these situations but the "complicated" in "it's complicated", and often, un-complicating them isn't as easy as just talking it over, because more often than not, the things either go back to original settings for a while before morphing back again to the asymetric or dissonant situation, or the complaining part receives big, wide eyes and accusations of "you are the one acting weird, things are actually as discussed in case A".

What can you do? Well, don't ask me: my answer is the usual: cut it off.

The point here isn't that you can or can't do something to solve this situation: relationship situations are hardly solved, because people tend to be persistent about what they seek, whether they admit to it or not. The thing is for you to recognize it, to refuse to cover behind the "complicated" tag and recognize things for what they are, and then act according to your preferences and needs. Just as "Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater" is true, so is for every other tendency in a relationship. Don't let your own hopes cloud your judgment.

Jan 6, 2017

New Year and New Resolutions

I disappear from here some... three months and the whole thing changes! Wow, maybe this is a sign that I should be around here more often. Hn... nah. 😉Forcing  writing is never a good idea. Writing is a delicate process where if you force the inspiration then you ruin the thoughts. Do keep that in mind.

Through Google.com taken from
Like for many people, 2016 was a mixed year for me. There were positives and negatives, but I think I'll decide to keep the good and learn from the bad. On the plus side, I started learning German, and I've gotten some advance. I get good grades, but my recent trips to Germany and Austria prove that grades don't really show what you can actually produce in real life, when facing real situations... like asking in a restaurant for a take away. I do have been able to understand more and speak more, but after a year, I still feel like my communication skills in this language still have loads of room to grow.

I also got my diploma in Accounting and got into the... well, I don't really know how to explain this, but like into the Association that allows me to practice Accounting. I also finished all the subjects I need to take for Finance, so this year I'll submit my project for my thesis. Yay!! So excited!!

I read about 36 books, which was over the goal of 24 books I had set at the begining of the year, and then I had this FABULOUS idea about reclaiming my time with myself and do the Letter Writing Monday Project, which I fully intend to carry on for 2017. As result of this fabulous thing, I finally worked through my pile of letters and replied to all of my penpals. :-) It felt amazing!

I kept going to the nutritionist and basically I've kept my weight all year with just minimal fluctuations, but all within the range of my ideal weight.

On the learning side, I learned more about my friends, people I consider my friends, and also about myself. I rediscovered the importance of giving yourself your place, and not to be afraid of claiming it back. Respect starts with you, and if you don't respect yourself you can't expect others to respect you. Don't push yourself to the side, don't be always accomodating to others, because if you give up so easily your requests, nobody will ever fulfill them. What do I mean? Things as simple as actually standing up and enforcing your right also be considered in the decision making, your choices and preferences also taken in account, and from time to time, others to accomodate to them, not always you accomodating to others. 2016 taught me that even I have to take stock of what I want and what I allow to happen.

I made so little to no exercise, that I also learned that, as I made time for Letter Writing and German, I must make time to do some exercise. This year I went, for the first time in my life, to skating. It didn't go very well. Well, it just didn't go. At all. BUT I made the effort and I want to keep trying. So I think I'll try and get myself a pair of rollerblades and practice some at home to get better stability - though ice skating and rollerblading are so different! - and then come back by the end of the year and give it another try. And  this time ask before hand if the "trainers rink" is open, because the regular one is one hell of a rink! >_<

I'd like to add yoga back into my routine and go back to the gym, maybe even go back to Archery, though I really have to find a way to fit all that into my available time.

I went quite well for the tracking of my finances, until the last... six weeks? Then it got off the wagon. The controlling of the budget was much more difficult, BUT that means I still have room for improvement.

Spiritually, I didn't do much, let go of my Pagan studies and practices, which have given me much solace, truth to be told. I haven't felt particularly Christian either, though that's the faith I identify with the most. I'm considering the possibility of trying out my Pagan side this year, maybe do a test, a Year and a Day of studying, as if to convert to Paganism, and see how I feel about it, how my relationship with God matures through the process and experiment how I feel as a Pagan. Solitary Witchcraft is an option, and though the Church excludes the possibility of multi-religiousness, this is something I feel as being part of myself. 

I learned also to be more watchful about my health, which I'll try and be better at this year, though that's something that scares me a little, but then, we are all like that with it, don't we?

I have not really made my New Year Resolutions, and many of m last year's resolutions went unfulfilled, basically because as the year went on, those were not the top priorities, so there's another thing to learn: how to plan for the year. I have a new planner this year, a new filofax, in a new size and with new possibilities. :-) Let's see what can I get out of it for 2017, shall we?

Sep 21, 2016

Are Those People Your Friends?

Life has been... happening - to say the least - recently and that certainly got me falling back in a lot of things. I had a HUGE pile of letters from my penpals accumulated, waiting and basically feeding a stab of guilt inside me. A lot of things came together to make this happen, from my studies to all sorts of things in my personal life draining my energy and eating up my time. As I recently started reorganizing my time, I found myself thinking if things had fallen off the wagon because after the breakup I needed a time to settle back in my single ways, or if it has been actually happening for a while. As a matter of fact, I realized that for a while my pattern was that of a letter-per-year, and that was basically because I couldn't get my life properly under control. All this in spite of me having a filofax :-).

"Letter Writing Monday"
at a local Starbucks.
Stormberry's photograph.
This month I had an epiphany and decided to start making time for the things that are important for me. :-) My studies, clearly, are important to me, but lately they had been consuming all of my time. When I wasn't studying, I was too tired to do anything other than sleep. Thus it was clear that some me-time had to be scheduled. This is how my "Letter Writing Mondays" came to become a fixed happy date with myself, which have been working fabulously. :-) Maybe I'll write a post about those later on.

As I started grabbing the reigns of my life and live it the way I want to, making myself happier :-) other things I've been ignoring started to come to my attention. Among those things there was the question of friendship and how one experiences it.

What is Friendship?

Friendship is a particularly elastic type of relationship that, unlike romantic relationships or familiar relationships, don't seem to be bound by strict, well known rules. Friendship can't be defined in a cookie-cutter fashion because this is a free type of bond between people. Are two friendships alike? No, definitively no, and sometimes, something that can be allowed in the frame of one friendship might not be in the frame of another. And that's alright, that's how it goes.

But then, we all know about relationships dubbed "friendship" that don't seem to be so, that aren't... good. If friendship has no rules set in stone, how do we know this? How do we judge this? Often we don't realize we are in a relationship we call friendship, but something feels "off" or it's not working. We might feel uncomfortable or upset, and rationalize these feelings as product of our own fault for not being understanding enough, or supporting enough or we might even think that this thing will eventually stop annoying us. We swallow it because we expect to get used to it. But do we?

It might seem stupid, but certain things our friends do don't have to be put up with. Relationships aren't perfect and people don't fit exactly to one another, so it's expected that some things will require negotiation and compromise for the benefit of all. However, there are things there that are not that small, and turn out to be very important for us. These can be seemingly small things, but when they bother us it's because they have a meaning for us. It's not the thing, it's the principle.

The things that bother us do so because we feel, uncomfortable, neglected, disrespected, used, cheated, lied to... you name it. So, as free form as friendship is, it does have - if not rules -characteristics that make friendship what it is. Friendship is based on Love, and feeling good matters in it. Friendship is positive for us and helps us grow as human beings.

Can We All Be Friends?

Though we'd like to think so, truth is that not everybody can be friends. It doesn't mean that there are people who just can't have friends. Indeed there are some people with unfortunate attitudes or personalities that keep them from establishing or enjoying friendships, but that's not everybody's case. Most people usually have characteristics and skills that allow them to connect with different people and make friendships. Curiously, as we start making friends and cultivate them, we grow and change, learning not only new, exciting traits from our friends, but also developing new traits as well. We could say that making friends makes us better at making friends. Our experiences, both the ones we share as the ones only we experience internally define us and enrich us. These things probably decide how we make friends from then on, how we approach them, make the connection and keep them. It also can define those "small things" that can make or break a friendship, teach us about our limits and not only make us more tolerant, but also show us what are those things that make a difference. It is also possible that through friendships we learn new boundaries, adopt them, as your friends "teach you" about the value of this or that, the meaning of this or that.

However, in spite of all your friendship-experience, and even if you are the sweetest, most lovable person in the planet, you probably won't be able to be friends with everybody, and that's ok, because some people just don't click together. That doesn't mean that they are bad or mean, it just means that they don't click. If you have penpals, you know about that: there are people who are so great on their profiles, and they are awesome on their e-mails, but when the letter arrives... nope, you know it's not going to work. Sometimes, it even works in paper, but once you meet it all falls apart. That last case has never happened to me, personally, because all the penpals I've met are FABULOUS. My penpals are all super-awesome, that's the truth :-) The reasons for people not to click are many. If it happens, hey, it happens. You are not a failure and they are not monsters, it's just a case where you are Star Trek and they are Star Wars. It's alright, not the end of the world.

When in a friendship, even in an ongoing one, we must always consider those things that are important to us, that tell us something about the other person and the quality of our friendship. Those little, personal "markers", to call it somehow. Some of these could be:
  • Manners
  • Tolerance
  • Way of speaking
  • Available time or availability for the friendship
  • Activities you like to do alone and those you like to do with friends
  • Punctuality
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Dependability
And the list of possible small little important things goes on and on and on. If we know this we get a better chance at understanding why something might bother us about someone else. If tolerance is important to you, it's understandable that a friend who makes any sort of discriminatory comments might bother us, even if those are not directed to us or the group we belong to. The markers are not fixed, and these won't be all important to you for the rest of your life, but the meaning behind the marker is. For instance, manners and punctuality might stop being markers for us, but the respect that they mean will still be something important to you.

Do Friendships End?

In the end, a friendship is a relationship, and as such, yes, it can end. This is not just a matter of friends losing contact and fading away, but friends can also break up, and this is something that must be considered when we hit a point with our markers or with something bigger. And it makes sense, why would you keep relating to a person you no longer feel connected to? Why keep calling "friend" a person, and give them your time, your thoughts and your energy when it only makes you feel uncomfortable, when it only drains you? And here it's ok to be selfish and think about what are you gaining from the friendship. If you don't feel the love, if you are not growing, if you are not feeling good... hell, what are you doing in that relationship?

Stop the romantic, self-denying notions of beautiful selflessness, where you should look forward only to give and sacrifice yourself for others. Friendship isn't a platoon of the army, where you are supposed to give your life for your country. Friendship isn't about denying yourself for the sole benefit of the other person - well, actually no healthy relationship should be about that - so don't force yourself to do so.

From personal experience, I can tell you that breaking up a friendship can be as painful or even more painful than breaking up with a romantic partner. At least, personally, I have suffered quite a lot each time I have broken up a friendship - no matter how toxic it was, and how much better I knew I would be without them - than what I suffered after breaking up with any of my boyfriends. It hurts, and it's supposed to, though if it doesn't pain you, that's alright too. It's been a long time since I've been heartbroken or suffered after a breakup with any guy, and I guess that doesn't make me a bad person.

Breaking up a friendship happens and it's needed. It's a decision you must make, where you must consider what's are you losing with staying and what are you losing with leaving.

A person I never thought would be an important friend of mine is Ellie. She and I have very different political standings and opinions, and both of us hold very strong positions. I didn't like her very much in the begining, but as we started talking and getting to know each other, share other topics, we became friends. Though our opinions and positions are important for us, it didn't break us but made our friendship stronger, because we realized we are also both tolerant and we can listen to each other and take from the other's position elements to bring growth to our own. We started understanding each other's position and that enriched our thinking. We also learned not to jump for each other's throats, and so concentrated more on all those millions of topics we shared.

Here's a case where a marker of mine changed, but not the meaning behind it.

Currently I'm struggling with a different decision about a friendship of many years. Before, as I was so snowed up with other things, these things that bothered me about her were just nagging little things that I always booked up to "that's just the way she is", and I simply adjusted to it. But as I started making changes recently to live more my life, and the way I want to, I realized that adjusting to her things wasn't a solution for me. I woke up to the realization that this wasn't the type of relationship I wanted. Honestly, it made me realize I felt neglected, like I had to take her disrespect and constantly reminding her and nagging her about our friendship. When I woke up to ths realization, I felt very bad, so I devised a little test to prove myself wrong, but all it did was enforce in me the sensation that here I'm the one working to make things work. She's nice otherwise, and very pleasurable to be with, but does it worth it?

Perhaps a while ago it was, when I was paying less attention to these things, but as I'm working to improve  my life, this is suddenly something I'm not willing to continue taking. It might take me some time to get to a final resolution about this matter, but for starters, I recognized the problem. Now I'll work on it.

Sep 11, 2016

A Plan to Get Back on Track

Picture by Stormberry. Still on the Bullet Journal Project.
The last period of the year at the University starts and I've managed to enroll in two classes, one of which is the last subject I need to pass to complete my studies for the Finance diploma. I'm so close!! I'm excited and full of energy and hope, but at the same time I remember the hard lessons learned during the past period, where here and there I sometimes lost sight of my schedule and then got lots of work to do. My schedule was quite packed, I must admit, and there were days where I worked myself close to an aneurism (so to say), with so much I studied and how hard I did my summaries and readings. This meant also that some things had to give and me left behind, neglected, and the ones that got the worse of my lack of time were my penpals.

Picture by Stormberry. My post bag :-)
This time around, I decided to make time and give some priority to my lovely penpals, and all the people that had been writing to me, for over the last year and start replying to them. I wasn't going to feel guilty again when opening my P.O.Box and finding a letter in it. So, since my studies had not really started yet, I decided to use the time and get back on track with my penpals and start replying to them. My pile has been going thinner and thinner as I reply to my friends, managing already to send out four letters, and then this very weekend finding the time and the energy to reply to seven friends! Wow, that's quite a feat for someone like me, who usually takes a couple of days to reply to one letter. :-) I normally write the very way I speak: I just don't shut up. Really. But this time I tried to practice some restriction and gathered my thoughts better for the benefit of my friends. :-)

However, I have many penpals and it's not fair to either of them for me to reply to them only once a year or so, just because I'm studying. Of course, my penpals are the best penpals in the planet: all of them beautiful, sweet and understanding girls, but still, they are important to me, and I should show how much they matter to me by carving out time to be with them. This is how an idea occured to me: I'll have a "Letter Writing" day every week. And since now I don't have German on Mondays, what better than make myself a "Letter Writing Monday"?

Picture by Stormberry. Starbucks' coffee and letter
Last week I decided to go after work to a Starbucks' coffeeshop that's close to my office, basically to decide it the place could work for me for some studying. I've been thinking about spicing up my study time by once a week taking myself to a different place, close to work, so I could get to study without having been drained first by the traffic jams one always finds at that time of the day. This Starbucks is quite loud, so it would hardly be ideal for studying, not to mention that it tends to be quite packed, but as I sat there writing my letters with a cup of Latin American blend of Espresso Roast, I realized that the place was perfect for this. And that became a seed of an idea that slowly took roots in my head until the decision of a "Letter Writing Monday" was born.

On Tumblr I follow a lot of blogs that have to do with studying, and lot of them show pictures of notes, summaries, mind maps, neat desks and notes covering tables with a laptop here and there, and a trademark Starbucks cup. Not many of these talk to you about programmed down time, and down time is needed. So, I need to reply to my friends, and I need to plan in a break in my schedule, make time for classes, studies, readings, and yes, me-time with letter writing, friend-meeting and movie nights.

I still haven't thought about installing a particular date for meeting with my friends, whom I haven't seen in quite a few weeks now, but to begin with the new period, I'm setting my letter-days and my initial study days. :-) All the rest will come around.

Oh, BTW, on the matter of the Bullet Journal, I'm about to finish my notebook, which will complete my project. I have been thinking about making a video about it, my first, because it might be too much for photographing and then writing a post about it. Who knows. As it is, there are nice parts of it, and parts I didn't like so much. My planning system with have a little variation for next year - and not only the new binder I'm planning on getting. But we shall see about that.

Aug 25, 2016

One for UBER

Taken from Google.com
Yesterday I had to run an errand. My dear friend Shimmy Gin is getting married and I had to get them a wedding present (which had been hinted to me quite a couple of times). The store where they had their Wedding List (or how are these things called???) was relatively close to my work, but not so close as for me to go there walking (I could, but really, that would have easily taken 45 minutes in each way to get there), so the sensible thing to do was to go there either by taxi or by UBER. I've been using UBER for quite a while now and have been very satisfied with the service. So, yes, I ordered a driver from UBER. Now, normally you don't need to mark into the app the pick up point (unless you want another) because the system knows where you are. So I entered the destination and requested the car. One was assigned, I went out of the building... and waited. There car was supposed to be there but it wasn't. Oddly the driver didn't call me. They usually do, when they arrive or are close to. This didn't and I had no way to contact him.

Then he called me and told me he was there, in an alley. There are no alleys here. I told him I was in front of the building, so supposedly he drove there but I didn't see him. It turns out he was at some other place. Ok. There is a park in front of my building, and the driver said he was at the other end of the park, that I must have typed down the address wrong. I didn't. Furthermore, he wasn't going to get around the park and come and pick me up. Unheard of. He asked me to cancel the trip. I tried to but the system wasn't letting me. Then I received an SMS from UBER telling me the driver cancelled my trip. Ok, that was unpleasant. I took a cab, went to get the present and on the way back I ordered an UBER, which came quickly to pick me up, and took me without any problems back to the building.

THEN I check my e-mails and there's a charge from UBER because I cancelled a trip 5 minutes into it. REALLY???? I tried to get in contact with them, but my app doesn't have the "Help" button the e-mail talks about, and the link to the site gave me no way to contact the company either. I got so mad, like you have no idea. Well, maybe you do. So I went on Twitter and ranted their heads off. A couple of hours later they replied, though I saw their replies only today. They got in contact with me, gave me an e-mail, I sent my complaint and they fixed it. They fixed it.

Yesterday I was so upset and was about to close my account, but today they solved it. It's still bad that they offer solutions that are not appliable. My phone is a Microsoft Lumia, and runs Android (as fas as I know), and if there is some particular problem with that... well, it's UBER's problem, not mine. The help site was also very unfriendly and sent me to those oh-so-Microsoft kind of pages where you are cut from anyway to place a complaint, but make you click through a list of "problems", none of which actually fit your problem, only to lead you to a dead end of "replies" that don't really do anything for you. That should be fixed as well.

I had to scream on Twitter to get attention, but once I grabbed hold of their attention, things went well. I just don't want to keep screaming my digital lungs out everytime I get wronged. They need to improve that.